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Message from the Editor

It was sometime in late 2008, I was trying to find a list of fellow Iranian attorneys in the US.

I had seen the Iranian Yellow Pages they come up with in most regions of the country, but they usually only cover California, and a few other major metropolitan areas, with high Iranian population.

"What if you live in Springfield, Missouri, or Pueblo, Colorado, and you are looking for an Iranian lawyer," I asked myself.

I found a couple of websites where they were supposed to have them listed, but they seemed too confusing, boring and user-unfriendly.

So, shortly after that, we got together with a few computer savvy folks, put our heads together, and the result is the website you see. With the whole idea of “paper” going out of business, it is time for Iranians to use the internet as an efficient means of finding each other.

“” was the first website of this series to be presented on line, and hopefully, it makes an attempt to do what is it designed to do: Connecting Iranians with Iranians.

Iranian-Wedding is certainly one of the most cheerful ones of this series. Again, be it designing a sofreh aghd, or any other wedding related service or product, this is one area where you have to know what you are doing, before you take over the task of arranging the flowers, the catering, or the music of a Persian wedding ceremony.

We have tried to make this a one-stop shopping for everything you might need for your wedding, be it a caterer, a limo driver, a solemnizer, or a photographer, or someone to do the sofreh-eh-aghd .

If you cannot find someone who would do any of these in your area, many of these professionals on this site are more than happy to send the services, or travel to you, where feasible.

So go out there, and -if not already married- marry someone.

Remember, Mark twain says:” To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with”.

One of Us :: Sarah Ghiasi

1) Please introduce yourself.

My name is Sarah Ghiasi, and I am a wedding planner here in Topeka, Kansas.

2) Which part of Iran is your family from?

I was born in Tehran. My Mother is from Mash`had and my Father is from Yazd.

3) Any memories from growing up Persian?

In my house we have special sandals for going to the backyard.

Or, Every Christmas when my family went to Vegas we’d take our own Samovar, cooler full of lavash, sabzi, eggs, kotlet, kookoo, etc. and my mom and aunts would make a full on meal with chicken and rice and khoresht using portable stoves. We didn't eat one meal out.

4) How long have you been a wedding planner?

Five years.

5) What made you get into the business?

Well, after planning my own wedding, I helped out a few of my friends plan their own weddings, and despite it being hard work, I really enjoyed it, so I decided this is what I want to do.

6) Do you do mostly American , or Iranian weddings?

The part of the country where we live, there are not very many Iranians, so I do mostly American weddings.

7) I have heard people actually show up on time in American weddings. Could this be true?

Yes, it is true. Everything and everybody has to work like a clock, otherwise the whole thing would fall apart.

8) Any funny stories?

Once, this groom was very nervous about the bride feeding him the cake after they had cut it. I guess he was afraid it would fall or something like that, so he bit down really quickly and actually bit the bride's fingers. In their photo album there is the bride, with a pained look on her face shaking her hand so quickly it is just a blur in the picture.

9) There is a recession out there. How is business for you as wedding planners?


10)Glad to hear that. Best of luck to you.

Thank you for providing the Iranian community with such long overdue website.


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