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Wedding: Planning for a wedding can be exceptionally time-consuming as there are many things to consider: where it will be held, where to hold the reception, how many people to invite, catering, entertainment, having the rehearsal dinner and the list continues.

Birthday: Whether it's for a 21st or 51st birthday party, we can provide all the necessities you will need to have a guaranteed good time.

Concert Putting on a private musical performance for a select group of people, or aiming to get as many people as possible to hear your songs? If you answered yes to either question, Pergen Production has the tools to guarantee your concert debut or next performance has all the energy and flair it deserves.

Corporate We at Pergen Productions can provide accommodations no matter if you are holding an event for a select group of people or everyone in the regional branch!

Outdoor Events Nothing beats taking advantage of perfect weather conditions to hold an event outside, and Pergen Productions can assist with all your outdoor event needs.

Cultural Events We at Pergen Productions understand that certain cultural events, such as coming of age ceremonies like the Quinceañera and Bar/Bah Mitzah as well as other events like Norouz or Diwali, are incredibly important within certain communities and that there needs to be a great attention to detail for the sake of upholding tradition.

Live Performance: Singer, Percussion, and Dance

Nominated DJs and MCs


  • Catering
  • DJ
  • Event planning
  • Flowers
  • Limosine
  • Live Music
  • Location
  • Make up & Hair
  • Photography/Videography
  • Sofreh Aghd
  • Invitations

Languages Spoken

  • English; Persian

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