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Saeed Mousavinejad

Saeed Mousavinejad

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Iranian lawyer, member of Iranian Bar.

Official translator certified by the State

Department of the United States.

Also translate from Arabic and French into English and


Proficient in Islamic Jurisprudence

Authorized Marriage Minister by US Courts.

Performing in English, Farsi and Arabic Languages.

Performing Islamic Divorce for those Iranian couples

who get their divorce decree from US courts and need an

Islamic Divorce Certificate to submit to "Daftar Hefazat"

to register their divorce event.

Attended US courts as "Expert Witness" to express views on Islamic issues such as Mahr, child born from free relationship or ("Sigheh"),

authenticity of marriage for different purposes (such as marrying someone to get green card and not really to live with the spouse

under the same roof.

Preparing legal documents for Iranians having legal issues in Iran

such as Power of Attorney, Deed of Conveyance, Wills in Farsi and English, Letters of Acknowledgment, Partnership Agreements and any document for Iran and US in both languages.


  • Solemnizer

Languages Spoken

  • Persian
  • English

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